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Testimonials: Testimonials

Having gone through a series of some tremendous grief and loss, and physical injury, I met with Celine without knowing much about Cranial Sacral Therapy. However, from the beginning I sensed goodness and safety. Not safety from myself but to “be” myself. 

Celine has a healing presence, touch and spirit that “carried”, “repaired” “lighted and warmed” and reflected goodness and grace to help me recover, hope again, dream again and be more myself than I have been in a long while and really in some areas…ever been. 
I am grateful for Celine in allowing my anger, sadness, hurt, grief, joy, expansiveness, hope, quietness etc. to be. Welcomed even when I couldn’t. It’s relieving to know I can’t always hide and she creates space so I can unmask and feel the All In Me, in a space of healing acceptance. She reflected and reminded me of the capacity that we all have to heal ourselves, discern our paths when we “surrender”, and she helped me to listen to the the wisdom that my body holds to lead the way. 
Celine is a brilliant light illuminating and warming with her gentleness, directness, matter-of factness and the ability to use laughter as it’s own source of release and realness. I am better at what I do and who I am because of this amazing healing relationship with her and the more loving and compassionate one with myself that is emerging.
-CN, Psychologist

Celine has been with me on a quest, sometimes as guide and other times as witness, to understand deep and meaningful messages held within my muscles, nerves and psyche. The journey is one I could not have taken alone, and has been one in which she continues to be an integral and skillful part. I hold Celine's joy, skill, wisdom, and loving sense of humor in high regard. For anyone looking for bodywork from massage to depth work, I cannot sing high enough my praises and gratefulness for Celine.
-NW, Oakland

I was fortunate enough to have been recommended to Celine by a well known craniosacral therapist and teacher at Esalen Institute. I can remember the very first session I had with Celine. I knew during that first session that I had met someone with a true gift for healing. My first session and every session with Celine has been a deeply personal and spiritual experience. I could instantly feel a difference with Celine because she was addressing my body, my mind and my soul. Every session I have with Celine is sacred, because that is the space that she creates. Celine is a very caring and compassionate person, and I felt immediately comfortable with her. She is a great listener and I always feel deeply heard and understood during our sessions. I had been dealing with a psoas muscle injury for several years, which is now healed, thanks to Celine's work. She is very knowledgeable about the human body, and has been able to address any physical injury I have had. She has a calming and nurturing presence, and I leave each session feeling not only less bodily discomfort, but also more at peace with myself and my world. She has an amazing ability to tap into the inner wisdom that we all have. I highly recommend Celine, and my life will be forever changed by her healing sessions.

-Samantha S, Oncology Nurse Practitioner

Celine combines physical healing gifts with spiritual and psychological insights, bringing both to bear on my specific needs. I leave our sessions with a body released from tensions – ancient and recent — and a spirit renewed. She’s a genius.
-KS, Historian

As an independent artist living and working in San Francisco, I constantly find that I run myself dry and cling to stressful habits. Working with Celine I have found a nourishing source that provides me with peaceful release through her powerful healing touch. More so, Celine has guided me into discovering parts of myself that provide a deeper, more meaningful, and healthier conversation and practice with myself.
-Ana Teresa Fernandez


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