Celine brings many years of intuitive experience to hold space for you to explore issues of self awareness, life transitions, stagnancy, relationship challenges, self worth, fertility challenges, sexuality and spiritually guided destinies. Drawing from her years of listening and guiding in her private practice, she offers sessions from the comfort of your own home via the phone. She intuitively connects with you through your body and works energetically to help you unfold the deeper issues that lie beneath the layers of conflicts. Inspired by an Undefended Love approach to being present, Celine compassionately aids those that seek her guidance to being more fully present and conscious for themselves and others.

This relationship can be short term, working through small conflicts and life changes, or longer term, working with core issues that develop compensatory emotional and energetic patterns. These sessions are conveniently available from wherever you are. This format can be an extension of the dialoguing process that begins on the table or it can be a journey all unto itself.

Celine doesn't do future predictions. She uses her intuitive vision in collaboration with your Inner Wisdom to aid you in seeing what may be restricting healing, grace and flow. Her perspective of being psychic or intuitive simply means that she receives information about you that you don't directly tell her.  Her intuitive sense helps guide her to inquire into layers of material that may be inhibiting you from connecting with your own truth. She empowers her clients by allowing them to tune into their own Inner Wisdom for guidance. Celine believes that it is through self awareness and a dedication to connecting with ones own Inner Wisdom that brings freedom, joy and progress. Her goal in each session is to help you become aware of patterns and beliefs about the self or other that prevent you from connecting to a higher path. In a nonjudgmental way, Celine asks question and holds space for you to uncover those hidden patterns and helps you understand better ways to relate to them. The journey is always unfolding and there is eternal beauty in each high and low or twist and turn it brings. She feels it is a miracle to be able to walk by your side as you uncover those details of how your spirit works.

Each session begins with the two of you grounding and connecting. Working on the phone can be very intimate when an energetic connection is made. During the session, Celine may give you feedback about what is happening in your physical body. If you are dealing with a physical issue, she can assist you in understanding more about where the root of that comes from by going into that body structure with you and uncovering the patterns or trauma that have created the pain. She can also work energetically to help that part of your body shift. Even though she is not actively touching you, direction of energy, intention and presence can change holding patterns.


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