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I have been practicing and studying bodywork and alternative healing methods for as long as I can remember. When I was 6 years old my father would ask me to put my hands on his head to take away his headaches. Little did I know I was practicing healing work intuitively. My love for it continued by being exposed to my parents’ practitioners as a child. I am naturally drawn to work that is energetically sensitive, deeply connected, and spiritually integrative. A lot of my desire to pursue this as a career path came into focus as an art student in college. My artwork was all about the way that the body and spirit were connected; the way that we manifest in our tissues, our emotions, life experiences, desires, joys and traumas. It never ceases to amaze me that we have this great potential to heal ourselves through the journey within.

Intuitive counseling and bodywork has been that ever-sustaining path to a greater understanding of my being. This journey has been the greatest gift in my life. I am always honored and humbled by those who trust me to be their guide and witness as they embark on their own paths. My work isn’t just about the relief of tissue discomfort or disease. It is also about making those important connections that bring us freedom, clarity, and completion. Letting go on all levels has rewards unimaginable, and sharing that process with others gives me great joy.

A mix of heritages, I draw from the wisdom of many cultures for inspiration. My father was a chef and hotelier from France, and my mother an interior designer from Hawaii. Being born and raised in Honolulu, I have a natural affinity for the ocean and spend hours walking, meditating and being on the beach or can be found in the water surfing.  My current creative outlet has been to make jewelry. It brings balance to my life by allowing my creativity to flow. I also put intuitive intention into my jewelry making. Check out my website to see how I work with natural semiprecious gems and pearls along with gold, silver and leather. It's been a delight to also share that work with others. Whether it be sharing beautiful food with friends or exploring sacred temples in magical places, I bring with me the passion of living to everything I do.

I continually find that the lighter modalities and energy work have lasting and profound results. I am insatiable when it comes to continuing my education and relentlessly challenge myself to continue adding to my tool box in the hope of broadening my capacity to serve those I work with. I find time to explore both the client role as well as the therapist role, as I understand that continuing to release my own physical and emotional restrictions gives me a greater compassion and understanding of those I serve.

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