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The Tool Kit

This page is dedicated to the modalities that have informed Celine's now closed (as of 03/2020) hands on practice. Her studies of these modalities are part and parcel as to how she has accrued her vast knowledge of the body. Through the use of Cranio Sacral Therapy, Chi Nei Tsang, Soft Tissue therapies and Homeopathy, she served to guide her clients through the physical, emotional, and spiritual challenges of injury and dysfunction to find greater balance and function in their lives.
By facilitating a space for change and using gentle manual forces, in many cases less than the weight of a nickel, she empowers people with finding inner awareness, choice, and self-realization. Celine’s in person work spanned the range of ages from prenatal and infancy to the elderly as well as working with animals.

Reiki Treatment


An Osteopathic Approach

CranioSacral Therapy is a gentle, light touch modality working with the membranes, bones, and nerves that make up your central nervous system. The therapist uses no more than five grams of pressure, the weight of a nickel, to access the intracranial membranes, which are responsible for pumping the cerebral spinal fluid throughout the system. When there are restrictions in this system, dysfunction can occur.

Whether it is in the alignment of the bones in the skull or in the membranes themselves, the system is unable to produce and distribute the fluid properly. Providing nourishment and detoxification to the nervous system, this function is essential to a body’s well-being. This gentle method is soothing and calming to experience. CST was developed by Dr. John Upledger and is practiced by massage therapists, nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists, and cranial osteopaths.

Another component of Dr. Upledger’s work is called SomatoEmotional Release. It involves a therapeutic dialoguing process between the client and practitioner whereby the person on the table is encouraged to get in touch with his or her own body wisdom plus feelings that may play a part in the way that the body is functioning. Oftentimes, the acknowledgement of these feelings can be enough for the body to stop holding on to pain. Residual effects of trauma are alleviated through release in the tissue.



Visceral Manipulation

Chi Nei Tsang is an ancient Taoist method of visceral manipulation whereby the practitioner uses Chi-Kung to aid in the release and detoxification of the organs. The practitioner guides the client through breathwork and visualization while manually manipulating the organs. The foundation for this modality lies in the Chinese Five Element principals upon which Acupuncture is also based.
Chi Nei Tsang is beneficial for many different types of digestive issues, lymphatic blockages, chronic stress, and sleep disorders. Like CranioSacral Therapy, it can bring up the underlying emotional components as well. It is practiced with clothes on and the abdomen exposed.




Soft Tissue work adresses  the musculo-skeletal system through deep slow pressure on the muscles and their origins and insertions. It can relieve joint pain and restrictions in range of movement. It also aids in detoxifying the body through breaking up adhesions and congestion in the tissues. 

Soft tissue work is great for sports injuries, chronic back and neck pain, joint dysfunction, repetitive stress injuries, and atrophied muscles. It is a great complement to other therapies because it addresses the musculo-skeletal system. Celine uses it sparingly as she finds the subtler approaches to be equally effective.



Animal Communication

Some of the most grateful patients are animals. They respond well to the gentleness of the energy and often will settle down into extremely relaxed states during a session. Like their human partners, they suffer from many different ailments including arthritis, digestive issues, anxiety, nervous system and musculo-skeletal dysfunctions.
Cranio-sacral therapy is an intuitive process that allows the animal’s inner wisdom to be the guide to the body’s natural healing mechanism; therefore a language barrier is never an issue. Animals find many different ways to communicate their needs and feelings. It is always an honor to be present for animals and to help facilitate greater ease for them.

Reiki Treatment


What to Expect

Each session was individually tailored to the client based on their needs. In her experience, Celine has discovered that recurring physical challenges and patterns are often linked to unprocessed emotions. If both are addressed simultaneously, the body has a greater chance of healing fully and more rapidly. Celine decided which combination of modalities would work for the client depending on what her guides present. She assessed the body using a light touch, looking for areas of blockage, tension, tightness, lessened range of motion and energetic restrictions in all the different body systems. She then worked on those areas using a variety of modalities while asking the client to be present in their body and expressing any sensations or emotions they may be experiencing.
Oftentimes images from the client’s past, physical or emotional traumas will be unveiled. It is through a neutral witnessing and connected intention that she and the client can find ways to move through and release any remainders from these experiences. In cases of acute injury or trauma, she is skilled at using her understanding of anatomy and the different modalities she has studied to help facilitate rapid healing. Many of her clients are amazed at how quickly they heal if they have been able to receive a session close to the date of an incident. She primarily practices on fully clothed clients unless she is doing soft tissue work.

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