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In this body based intuitive session, Celine works with inner guides, both yours and hers, to navigate a dialogue that unveils the primary issues preventing you from living in your fullest potential. She is able through intuitive, and often psychic wisdom, to bring perspective and positive solutions for your energetic blockages. She encourages a connection to your own Inner Wisdom as well as your body to help you be present and consciously shift. Celine brings to her practice a lifetime of intuitive vision as a basis for her counseling approach.

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A typical session with Celine is a combination of her own unique medical intuitive counseling and energy work. You do not need to be in physical proximity to Celine for her to tune into your body. Guided by the client’s Inner Wisdom, each one hour session is a unique collaboration of Celine’s skills and the clients’ desire for healing.

She has been known to practice in a non-conventional way, assisted by her deep neutral presence, the client tunes in to an innate wisdom within to help facilitate complete healing. Oftentimes images from the client’s past, physical or emotional traumas will be unveiled. It is through a neutral witnessing and connected intention that she and the client can find ways to move through and release any remainders from these experiences. In cases of acute injury or trauma, she is skilled at using her understanding of anatomy and the different modalities she has studied to help facilitate rapid healing. Many of her clients are amazed at how quickly they heal. One does not need to be in person to receive healing with her approach.

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"The shortest distance between two points is an intention."

Dr John Upledger

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Ocean Beach, San Francisco, CA 94116, USA

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